A wise colleague reminded me that in order to increase productivity, many large companies conduct staff audits. He said that these staff audits are “designed to analyze who is where, and whether they are in the right position that they occupy”. He said, “the point is to make sure the right people are in the right place, doing the right things, the right way”. As I conduct a mental staff audit of Philadelphia, I’ve asked these same questions of myself. As your pastor, I must say, that I’m very excited about our growth- both in numbers, ministries, relationships and spirituality. I’m also excited that every time we worship and fellowship together we’re catching a little more F.L.U. (Fellowship, Love, Unity)!

While I’m humbled and thankful to be your pastor. I’m also motivated to do more and be better! I’m looking forward to the years ahead as we continue to grow, expand our vision, and labor together as God calls each of us to do. I thank each of you for your encouragement, cooperation, and generosity to this church. Count it all joy to be in the fellowship of believers who are Kingdom bound.

David M. Runnels, Sr.

Pastor David M. Runnels, Sr. and Family
Left to Right: David M. Runnels, II, Kilah Runnels, Aleta Runnels (wife), Alani Runnels, and Mical Runnels